Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where is the teacher list and/or adult participant list from last year?

If you schedule a SNAP-Ed event in AIMS and can't see the teacher list or adult participant list from last year, don't panic.  Chances are the spelling of the location/partner name on the SNAP Event Scheduling page is different than last year.  NOTE.....the lists are tied to the EXACT spelling of the location/partner name.

In AIMS, go to the "Contact Us" link located on the AIMS banner in the upper right corner of every page in AIMS.  Send us an email stating which partner and what list is not showing that was there in the previous reporting year.

AIMS Banner
Send an email to with the name of the SNAP-Ed partner and what list (teacher list or adult participant list) is needed.

How to Schedule a SNAP-Ed Event in AIMS

AIMS SNAP-Ed Event List page
1.  On the AIMS SNAP-Ed Event List page, choose Method used.

2.  In the Create column, click School to schedule an event for an eligible school OR NonSchool to schedule an event for all other SNAP-Ed partners.

3.  The appropriate SNAP Event Scheduling page will load.

Non School SNAP Event Scheduling page
Step #1:  Location/Partner--choose the partner from the "Select One" drop down list OR use "Add New Location" to add a partner.  NOTE....a signed Contributor Letter of Support must be on file for any partners added to be reported.

Step #2:  Street/City--type in each in text boxes provided.

Step #3:  Waiver--select appropriate Waiver from the drop down list.  NOTE....waiver selected must match the waiver on the signed Contributor Letter of Support.

Step #4:  Location Type--select appropriate Location Type from the drop down list.

Step #5:  Event Name--type in a descriptive name of the event.  The text box has a 75 character space.  Items to consider for the text box:  the date, location, grade(s) [for school lessons], curriculum and/or name of lesson used, display name for educational displays, and/or newsletter name (i.e. Foods of the Month, Fall 2012 Chop Chop).  
Examples of Event Name

Step #6:  Date of Activity--select appropriate date and time of event.  NOTE.....for events that cover more than one date in a month (i.e. DHS displays, School youth lessons), choose the 1st of the month.

Step #7:  Projected Attendees--enter a "projected" number of attendees anticipated.  NOTE.....this is not the report where the "actual" number are entered.

Step #8:  Submit--press "Submit" button to complete scheduling the event, after all of the fields have been completed.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Screen shots used for SNAP-Ed AIMS Reporting Centra Session.

AIMS myReporting page

"View Reports" myReporting page

Data Report links, myReporting page

Select Type of Contact pages
Indirect Contact Report page example
Narrative Box details

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Help! My SNAP-Ed report did not print!

If your SNAP-Ed AIMS report didn't print, go to your SNAP-Ed "Event List" page in AIMS.

Find the event needed and select the "View" link for that event.

Print the view page.

SNAP-Ed Event List page

Monday, October 15, 2012

When do I use an AIMS SNAP-Ed "Event" report?

Use a SNAP-Ed Event report in AIMS for ALL contacts (direct and indirect) made with the clientele of SNAP-Ed Partners.

Do NOT report these contacts to a myReporting Contacts report.

myReporting page--AIMS

Help with SNAP-Ed AIMS Reporting for FY13

Start out the FY13 year "in the know" by participating in one of the AIMS Reporting SNAP-Ed In-Service Centra Sessions.

Centra Session #1: Monday, Oct. 22nd, 1:30 PM


Centra Session #2 (a repeat of #1): Monday, Oct.29th, 1:30 PM

(Sign up via LEARN)